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UnJeans - leggings for men and women
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Why UnJeans Leggings?
Because of the Fit.
Because of the Feel.

Because of the Freedom.
Because of the Comfort.

Experience A Great Clothing Sensation - UnJeans Leggings.


UnJeans - Form-fitting Leggings


Him & Her


Know Better Clothes - UnJeans Leggings - Instead of Blue Jeans
Woman wearing UnJeans leggings by Danskin
You'll smile too, wearing UnJeans!
Go For The Comfort With These Clothes Of The Future!
The high tech fibers in UnJeans Leggings make them the "clothes of the future". Using INVISTA (formerly DuPont) Supplex® (86%) and LYCRA® (14%), these form-fitting leggings from BT Industries® wick away moisture, stretch to fit perfectly, help support your leg muscles all day long and give you the freedom to move.

These BT Industries® ankle length leggings have a sewn-in elastic waistband that stretches to fit but doesn't "stretch out" with repeated wearings. The most important reason to wear UnJeans Leggings is the incredible comfort you'll experience.

In true egalitarian equality, UnJeans Leggings are worn by both men and women and we welcome everyone to the

Whether for working out or for everyday casual wear, UnJeans Leggings give you an invigorating, energizing and terrific feeling. Many UnJeans Leggings wearers say they experience a body liberation and feel "more alive" when wearing these leggings. Go for the energy and go for the comfort.

Break out of the baggy pants rut and enjoy the new, exciting experience of wearing UnJeans Leggings.

There's a pair of UnJeans Leggings in YOUR future and the future just started.
Order your pair of UnJeans Leggings today!

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leggings for women from UnJeans
Winning Looks, Fit, Feel & Comfort Wearing UnJeans Leggings
UnJeans Leggings Sizes, Wear & Care Tips
UnJeans Leggings should be worn without underwear for best fit, feel and comfort. When putting them on, pull your UnJeans Leggings all the way for a "glove fit." Socks can be worn under or over UnJeans Leggings. Where to hold your stuff? Many UnJeans Leggings wearers use a belt waist pack to carry their keys, wallet, etc. You can also put a camera pack or cell phone case on the belt. Just put on the belt pack and you're set for a great, enjoyable day in your UnJeans Leggings.

When washing your UnJeans Leggings you can machine wash them in COLD water (the LYCRA® fibers don't like high temperatures) using a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. To dry your UnJeans Leggings you can hang them or put them in a dryer on tumble dry low or no heat. Do not iron UnJeans Leggings. You'll find that the nature of these high tech fibers let them dry in about half the time of cotton fiber clothing.

When determining the size that will work best for you, it is important to consider how tight you would like the fit. Many UnJeans Leggings wearers really enjoy the "lift" they receive from the LYCRA® fiber compression. Your body height and frame are the primary determinates for the proper size. Know that there is much "give" to the fibers and that's what allows you the freedom to move with so much comfort. One UnJeans Leggings wearer - a 6 foot 1 inch man weighing over 200 pounds - is very comfortable in a Large size pair of UnJeans Leggings. A bit taller or heavier frame would probably be an XLarge size. Most men and women of "average" height and build are comfortable with a Medium size pair of UnJeans Leggings. For those of a smaller height and frame will be most comfortable with the Small size of UnJeans Leggings. Email size question or other UnJeans Leggings questions to

Whatever your size, UnJeans Leggings give you the liberty to be you. UnJeans Leggings hug to fit you exactly. UnJeans Leggings are truly the Freedom Pants.

Woman wearing navy blue UnJeans leggings made by Danskin
Explore Your World In The Comfort Of UnJeans Leggings
UnJeans Freedom Pants for men and women worn as leggings casual wear
For The Fit, Feel, Look and Comfort...Just Wear Them...and Nothing Else!! Pockets? Just Add A Belt Pack & You're Good To Go.
UnJeans Leggings Are Invigorating & Enjoyable To Wear
High tech fibers make wearing UnJeans Leggings such a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The elastane fibers let you move with incredible freedom and comfort yet have enough compression to hold and support your leg muscles for an invigorating feeling that helps keep you going day and night.

Let UnJeans Leggings cling and hug your body. The fit is right, when the fit is tight. Wearing UnJeans Leggings as "next-to-skin" clothing lets the fibers in UnJeans Leggings wick away moisture. It's not effective if they're too loose, there's too much air. Go for the "glove fit".

You may find other form-fitting leggings that use primarily cotton for their construction but cotton when wet, stays wet longer, and will make you feel cold and clammy. The high tech fibers in UnJeans Leggings wick that moisture away to help you stay cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. In very cold weather, just put on another pair of UnJeans Leggings for that extra warmth you desire.

UnJeans Leggings can be worn for workouts and exercise but really are perfect for relaxing and enjoying everyday life. Get a pair today for yourself and a friend! He or she will be glad you did.

UnJeans Leggings feature products from great companies like BT Industries® and INVISTA®.

UnJeans leggings worn by woman
Everyone looks good in leggings and many look great like Kate in her UnJeans Leggings.

Looking For

UnJeans Leggings
provide a great
fit, feel, look
and incredible comfort
for men and women
around the globe.

Get your pair of
UnJeans Leggings

Man wearing UnJeans leggings for comfortable casual wear
Whether relaxing or out on the town - UnJeans are the comfortable alternative

Random Blog Notes

 Why are UnJeans Leggings the clothes of the future?

"The human body comes in all shapes, sizes and permutations and the elastic nature of the fabric of UnJeans Leggings lets it fit you exactly. For men, this elastic nature gives support but also allows a great degree of freedom. UnJeans Leggings give you the liberty to be you and wearing them feels very natural.

Leggings are perfect casual wear for women AND men. Having worn leggings for years, I'm aware of people's comments both negative and very positive. If more people, women and men, wear leggings then it will just be another apparel choice. At one time denim jeans were worn only by miners digging for gold. Now they are everywhere and people don’t ask if the jeans wearer has struck gold.

When someone decides to wear leggings, I advise them to choose a well made pair - not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but high tech fibers with at least 10% Lycra content, that retain their shape. Go for the comfort and support. Leggings that go to the ankle look better than capri style that chop the leg. Plus the full length leggings support you from your ankle to your waist and give you an energetic lift.

I describe UnJeans Leggings as the "clothes of the future" for both men and women. My prediction for the future, with the development of wearable electronics and "smart" clothing, the need for form-fitting clothing will be necessary because the predicted power source to run these wearable electronics will be one's own body heat. This isn't that far in the future. A German multi-national company, Infineon, is working on what they call a "Thermogenerator" to do just that - generate an electrical current from a device powered by human body heat.

Until that day arrives enjoy the fit, feel and comfort of UnJeans Leggings. Men and women across the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, The Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, France and Scotland are enjoying UnJeans Leggings, why not you?"

Woman wearing UnJeans leggings stretching with the freedom to move with incredible comfort
Walking, biking, shopping or relaxing - - - - - - - - UnJeans Leggings - Just Wear 'Em!
Thank You May. Your love of life is an inspiration to everyone.
Get On The Right Track With A Great Pair Of UnJeans Leggings!

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UnJeans Leggings - Send for YOUR pair(s) TODAY!!
Man wearing UnJeans leggings in Montpelier, Vermont
Wearing UnJeans Leggings? A Capital Idea
UnJeans leggings made by Danskin ankle pants keep legs invigorated and energized prevent leg fatigue

Experience UnJeans Leggings And Put A Little...

...Grin In Your Shin

...A Little Laugh In Your Calf

...A Little Whee In Your Knee

...A Little mmm...mmm...mmm... Sigh In Your Thigh

                               ...And Definitely Put A Little Zip In Your Hip!

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UnJeans Leggings - The Freedom Pants For Men & Women - For EVERY Body
They're Different - Good Different. Actually Great!!
You deserve this comfort. Ask yourself - "Why have I waited so long to wear UnJeans Leggings?"
Don't wait any longer!

UnJeans Leggings feature products from great companies like BT Industries® and INVISTA®.


For international (non-USA) see special section above.

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BT Industries® is a registered trademark of BT Industries.
Supplex® and LYCRA® are registered trademarks of INVISTA® for its brands of premium stretch fiber.

Man wearing UnJeans leggings for casual comfortable wear instead of jeans
Perfect For All Men's & Women's Casual Wear.
Step up to a great fashion look with incredible comfort, fit, feel and support.

Wear your UnJeans Leggings and Enjoy!


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Wear Your Pair
and Join The
"UnJeans Neighborhood".
A Comfortable Way To Live.

UnJeans leggings are perfect for walking
Walk in comfort and style wearing your pair of UnJeans Leggings. From your ankles to your waist, your legs will appreciate the support and "lift" you get while wearing UnJeans Leggings. Women and men look terrific in UnJeans Leggings. It's time for you to enjoy the fit, feel and comfort of UnJeans Leggings. Get your pair today. Order above at the top of the page. 

Whether relaxing at home or going out on the town with friends, enjoy the comfort, fit, feel and style of your UnJeans Leggings.

A member of the UnJeans Neighborhood who lives in the United Kingdom and states, "I'm down at the beach wearing my UnJeans Leggings. They feel real nice to wear and I wear them all the time."

Man wearing leggings from UnJeans

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall - Enjoy all the seasons in comfort, wearing your UnJeans Leggings.

Real People - Real UnJeans Leggings

Wear UnJeans Leggings For Their Incredible Comfort, Fit, Freedom and Feel.

Know Better Clothes - UnJeans Leggings

woman wearing UnJeans leggings
Feel like you're on top of the world wearing your UnJeans Leggings. Order your pair today!

Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man wearing UnJeans Freedom Pants leggings

If this website has made you laugh - good.

If it has made you think - great.

It it has made you want to get and wear UnJeans Leggings - even better.

Laugh, live & love - Enjoy!

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